V. Friel > Rensselaer, NY

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the doors."

J. Lehman > Greenleaf, ID

"Your Sales Rep is doing a good job with getting us information and quotes as needed."

M. Thomas > Clinton Township, MI

"Fiberglass doors are a great solution sale for a variety of interior and exterior applications where customers are experiencing excessive wear and rust due to the environment. They provide great value and Chase Doors offers the widest selection of product solutions for these openings. I turn to Chase every time the need arises."

R. Tindall > Smithton, IL

"Your customer service personnel are excellent people to work with. They are always prompt to respond to quotations and any problems that very seldom occur."

M. Vent > Milford, IN

"Customer service was very helpful."

C. Jeffers > Greensboro, NC

"Very helpful customer service and questions are answered promptly. Plus, I have never had any complaints about the product from my customers."

G. Hoskins > Blackfoot, ID

"Thanks for your timely delivery of our doors and frames. The product was of the highest quality and at a good price. The fit and finish was great and made installation smooth. We look forward to future orders."

J. Bartlett > North Little Rock, AR

"Always available to follow-up on any questions and deliver a quality product."

Anonymous > Texarkana, TX

"I will only purchase Fib-R-Dor fiberglass doors. We have never had any issues that have not been resolved."

D. Tindall > Louisiana, MO

"The door is great looking - warranty, quick response, and delivery made my project very easy."

R. Heard > Winston Salem, NC

"I needed an exterior door that can stand up to weather. Your sales rep returned all my calls and took care of every need we had. The product was easy to install. I will order from you again and recommend you."

E. Meady > Seymour, CT

"Awesome door! I will sell more of these thank you so much for such a great product!"

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